A Dental Plan Has Never Been This Easy. It’s OK....Go Ahead and Smile!

Q: What is the Stellar Dental Discount Plan?
A: The Plan is a discount dental plan. Your employer has negotiated with the Plan to provide you with a discounted fee structure as well as providing no-cost procedures and other benefits. All with no monthly fees charged to you, the employee.

Q: How do I use the Plan?
A: As soon as you receive your membership card, you are eligible to use the plan. Simply present your card when services are performed and receive your discount.

Q: How often can I use the Plan?
A: The Stellar Dental Discount Plan places the patient first. There are no limits on how much you can use the plan or how many times you, or your family members can visit.

Q: Who is eligible to join the Plan?
A: The plan is available to all immediate family members of the covered employee.

Q: What do I do if I need a new card?: See your employer for additional cards or if your card is lost or stolen.

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